Who doesn’t love a destination wedding? It’s a great opportunity for friends and family to come together on your special day, in a location which they may have never thought to experience before. Jump right into the fun to keep your dreams enlighten with new look and feel. India is a tradition rich country with diverse locations and climatic conditions to choose for your big day destination. The couples could choose a site that has a special meaning for them, such as a favorite locale, or even terrain or beach which might just “fit” their personalities–or they might simply choose a beautiful location they’d like to spend time in with their close friends and families. A destination wedding is typically an event where the bride and groom plan an away from home wedding, inviting their closest family members and friends to an ideal location. Post wedding trips near to the destination will also reduce cost for honeymoon package plans.

It’s all about planning

Our experts from Dakshin will help you to make your plan much simpler to execute than close to home weddings. A better plan will make the idea less expensive than local weddings. Having a destination wedding eliminates a great deal of stress since the wedding is far away and only a limited number of people can attend. Traditional or Non-traditional, formal or informal, we make the theme set for you with the talents and expertise with us.

  • Determine the budget and set the date
  • Choose a location
  • Book the service
  • Research any legal requirements in the area to begin any licensing procedures
  • Make sure your own documentation is current, such as passports or insurance
  • Establish contact with any outside services you will be using